Although it is a production – Level-5 of a certain thickness, The Snack World seemed destined to remain within the borders of Japan, however apparently it is expected his arrival in the west.

The problem is that you will wait a lot, since there is not yet a precise release date but apparently is expected to arrive only in 2020. As is often the case with titles, Level-5 are connected to multimedia productions, the timing differences in the distribution of the western jumble the order chronological of the outputs in the game, so it is not clear what the title of the series the Snack World you speak when you indicate his arrival in the west in 2020, which could also refer perhaps to the series of the anime. In Japan there are in fact two versions, one for 3DS and one for Nintendo Switch, we then know which of the two is in arrival in these parts, even if we decided definitely to the second.

The Nintendo Switch, however, also includes the DLC add-on that Nintendo 3DS system, representing therefore a sort of editions complete and final. The story sees a boy by the name of Chup fight against monsters together with friends inside of a strange fantastic world. The Snack World: Trejarers is an adventure with elements from RPG japanese, however, characterized by some peculiar elements. These relate in particular to the use of Jaras, which are small objects that can interact with the game and that in Japan are purchased in part, by working a bit like the “toy-to-life” of other similar securities.