The Division 2 : tomorrow, on the 1st raid-8 players will be operational, a trailer of presentation

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By may 16 to 18 hours, the fans of The Division 2 will be able to take advantage of the first raid to 8 players in the history of the series on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. In fact, this is what is know Ubisoft through an official press release, by taking the time to drag a trailer as well as a handful of images. “With The Operation Dark Hours, Ubisoft introduced the most difficult challenge that players have had to overcome,” says the French editor. This new operation will test the cohesion and teamwork of the Agents to the most experienced who have reached Tier 5 and completed the mission of the fortress Tidal Basin.” It is the national airport of Washington has been chosen as the theatre of the raid, an area controlled by the Black Tusks who use it to recruit more soldiers and make the full of provisions. We are told of the powerful bosses with, the key, loot exclusive to include new sets of equipment, a weapon, exotic and other unique incentives.

“The first team that completes The Operation Dark Hours after its release will be immortalized forever in the game with a team photo, including their names, displayed in the White House and seen by all the players, we said. The other players that have completed The Operation Dark Hours between 16 and 23 may will receive a patch weapon memorial while those who complete after may 23, will be rewarded with a banner of the clan and a trophy that is available in their area clan.” To see it live the first team to complete the raid, it will be enough to get to this address when the festivities start.

It is pointed out that The Division 2 is released on the 15 of last march, and which other additional content is already planned.


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