Steam : the dates of the summer sales 2019 come from a leak, have your blue card !

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It is time to prepare for the evisceration of your portfolio, because as every year, the summer sale Steam arrive for warm-white your blue card, and their dates have of course been leaked ! If it is not yet known the origin of the leak, it is traditional that the developers disclose the dates in advance, these latter being placed in the current upstream via their specific interface for the Steam client. The business will start on the 25th of June (18h Paris time traditionally) and will continue up to 9 July included (always up to 18h). To avoid missing good business, but also to not explode your budget, we suggest you go quickly organize your wish list in order to display the games that you try. Like every time, we expect to see happen community events that will allow you to recover badges, fund profile, or emoticons.

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