Star Wars is definitely one of the greatest franchises in the world and the contamination of genres seemingly distant they are never really miss it: even the creator of Dragon Ball, that is, the mangaka Akira Toriyama, which has been the charm. If he is back to talk about these days, perhaps because of the excitement related to the new Star Wars movie.
Back in 1999 Akira Toriyama drew a nice fanart dedicated to the franchise Star Wars, specifically creating a small Anakin Skywalker: the occasion was the debut of the episode prequel, The Phantom Menace.
Below you can find the fanart of Akira Toriyama dedicated to Star Wars, someone in these days he has rescued who knows where in the world of the internet. I wonder if the mangaka will draw the characters of the franchise on the occasion of the release of The rise of Skywalker.

Fun fact: Toriyama drew lil Ani as a Star Wars tribute for the Prequel Debut in 1999. (Translation in the comments) from r/dbz