Stadia : Google makes the impasse on the E3 2019

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While everyone was convinced that Google would use the E3 2019, to reveal more about Stadia, there will be eventually nothing, the giant Mountain View has decided to reserve for later. If the announcement of the service made to the GDC 19 had the effect of a real tidal wave, the speech held by the company was mostly oriented towards developers, boasting the advantages to develop their games on this new service. It was expected, therefore, naturally a proclamation dedicated to the end consumer, the players, and what better than the E3 for that. In fact, many of the pieces of the puzzle are still missing, therefore the way in which the service will be monetized.

Three months after revealing Stadia, Google announced that its service will not be present in the aisles of the Convention Center in Los Angeles. In effect, the communication team of Google France has provided to several media outlets that no conference will be held at the show, and that no booth would be present. A few representatives will, of course, on-site, but there is no doubt that their presence will be limited to presentations oriented business, even if it is not impossible that major american media can try out the system behind closed doors.

Until we’re ready to reveal more Stadia details, take a look at what we’ve showcased so far for the future of gaming 🎮

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) may 1, 2019


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