Saints Row: The Third is the worst port for the Nintendo Switch? Digital Foundry tells us the truth

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Saints Row: The Third came out a few days on Nintendo Switch, but apparently the port made for the occasion did not impress Digital Foundry, on the contrary.

According to the usual analysis technique carried out by the head of the English edition, the Switches of the weblog title Volition use the assets of the remaster , and turn to the 1080p mode and docked, but the image quality leaves something to be desired in a number of fronts.

The biggest problem, however, is represented by the frame rate, which falls in a monstrous as soon as something happens on the screen, going down to 13-14 frames per second in the sequences more excited.

In short, it seems that this time the developers are not able to find the quadra to bring Saints Row: The Third on the console hybrid and console. In short, you can learn more with our review.


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