RAGE 2 is available on PC at a variety of digital platforms, including, of course, Steam and the official store Bethesda. In the latter case, however, the game does not include Denuvo.

Officially announced together with the API, Vulkan, the protection system is known to degrade the performance of the securities that adopt it, by slowing down, however, only a few days, the incessant work of the crackers and pirates.

In this case, however, it’s clear that Bethesda was not a conscious choice, but rather a glaring error: the version of RAGE 2 is loaded on the server is likely to be different from how it should be and the exclusion of Denuvo has been intentional.

Waiting for the publisher systems the problem (if it has not already done so), it will be interesting to see some benchmark that compares the two versions of the game to understand how to affect the security system on the performance graphics.