RAGE 2 : a better version of the game on Bethesda the Net that on Steam ?

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Although RAGE 2 is available on Bethesda the Net as well as on Steam, it would seem that the version available on the store of Valve is lower, its performance being impacted by the use of Denuvo. Well-known to PC gamers, Denuvo is a DRM (anti-piracy) that connects to a server at regular intervals to verify the validity of the copy of a player. The problem is that, during its execution, Denuvo consumes a lot of cpu resource, which affects the fluidity of the game. Similarly, to search for traces of a crack, the software performs many disk access, which has a negative impact on the loading time of RAGE 2.

If we can understand that an editor has access to this system, it is most unexpected to find that the version available via the store Bethesda Net (and usable via the launcher owner, therefore, is devoid of so-called Denuvo. You have understood, if you have a PC that not date from yesterday, we suggest you to opt for the version Betehsda’s Net game, while we donít understand the logic behind offering two versions of the same game, one with an anti-piracy and not the other. Remember that RAGE 2 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and you can read our test to this address.


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