Pokémon Rumble SP announced for iOS and Android

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There is another game of Pokémon coming to mobile platforms on iOS and Android, entitled Pokémon Rumble SP but still know very little, beyond some pictures.

It is a spin-off with respect to the series standard, of course, in this case developed by the team at Ambrella who has now specialized in the Pokémon Rumble, since they are the authors of the chapters come out earlier on the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and other spin-off in the series Pokémon since the 90’s. Waiting to have some more information on this Pokémon Rumble SP, we can see the first images of the game shown here below.

Considering the tradition of the Pokémon Rumble, also it should have features action, with the possibility to use the toy Pokémon to battle other creatures in the wild. The game in question is in fact the evolution of that Pokéland that had already emerged in the stage of alpha testing in 2017, evidently recovered and transformed into this Pokémon Rumble, SP. According to the previous version, we can think that this contains 35 Pokémon divided into 6 Poké Islands. Among other things, this means that are expected to be well-three games of Pokémon for the next few months, with Pokémon, Sword, and Shield towards the end of 2019, the mysterious Pokémon in collaboration with DeNA, and this Pokémon Rumble, SP.

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Pokemon Rumble Sp


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