In these days it is been transmitted in Japan, the most recent episode of the anime of One Piece, that is, the number 884 is also dedicated him to the saga of the Reverie, and the next July 2019 will officially launch in the anime, the saga of Wano. The producers have played to the spectators a bad shot, with a gigantic spoiler in the advances related to the episode 885.
At the end of each episode ofthe anime, One Piece is a very short movie anticipates the title and a few moments later, coming in the week immediately after the episode 884, therefore, has anticipated something of the next 885. The problem is that he anticipated a revelation that readers of the manga were waiting for a long time, knowing perfectly the huge scope in the lore and in the dense world of the mysteries of the work of Eiichirō Oda. Do not read further if you want to avoid advances or spoiler!
To be honest, then, the spoiler comes directly from the producers: episode 884 anticipated the existence in the world, One Piece of a giant straw hat, identical to the one worn by the main character Luffy (but much larger). You would find hidden in the sacred realm of Mary Geoise, even if no one really knows who belongs and what is its function. Even the title of the preview of the new episode would be much spoiler for the viewers, is in fact “In the dark recesses of the Sacred Earth! A mysterious, giant, straw hat!”

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