Nintendo Switch, the sales exceed the overall total of the PS4 in Japan

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In Japan, the sales of Nintendo Switches exceeded those of the entire life cycle of the PS4. To tell were the data provided by Famitsu magazine, which speak of 8.125.637 Nintendo Switch sold to 28 April 2019, against the 8.077.756 PS4. In short, the success of the console, a hybrid of Nintendo in the home is really huge and does not seem to show signs of crisis.

Note that Nintendo Switch has obtained this result after just two years and two months after the start of trading (launch date 3 march 2017), against the more than five years of the PS4 (launch date 22 February 2014). On average, Nintendo Switch has sold at a rate 2.4 times higher than that of the PS4 in Japan.

The success of the Nintendo Switch is easily explained with the increased grip of his concept to the habits of gamers, japanese, lovers of the handheld consoles and the like, because of their style of life.

At the global level, however, the PS4 remains firmly ahead with the € 96.8 million of units sold, against the 34,74 million Nintendo Switch.


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