Our colleagues at Game informer have recently had the opportunity to visit Supermassive Games, developers of the british Man of Medan. They are back with a gameplay video of 11 minutes that shows how things go wrong for Conrad (played by actor Shawn Ashmore), Julia (Arielle Palik), Brad ( Chris Sandiford) and their friends. We precise that this sequence does not return to quite the beginning of the game, but it sets the scene effectively. In contrast, the facial animations and syncing the lips seem to be behind compared to what we experienced in Until Dawn, which suggests that the demo presented was not necessarily the most recent.

Anyway, the developers have taken advantage of this interview to stress that, if this first episode of the anthology The Dark Pictures would be half as long as Until Dawn, the relations between the characters are deeper, and the choices more numerous. “We’ve made every effort to provide consequences that have an impact in the short, medium and long term,” says the director Tom Heaton. In this game, it may very well be as chapters or scenes may not fire depending on the choices made, knowing that the same sequence can also be conducted in different ways. We need to keep track of all the decisions of the player, everything he has done, for what he said.”

Obviously, take the time to explore the places (an optional task) will learn more about the past of the characters, and even retrieve objects, to more easily manage tense situations. Precisely, Supermassive Games promises to be moments where we will have to make choices very quickly, with the risks that it entails. Finally, nothing will be written in advance and twists are to be expected, as in Until Dawn. At the present time, we only know that Man of Medan will be released during this summer on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.