GeForce Now: the new test with the cloud gaming Nvidia

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The cloud gaming is slowly gaining popularity, at least in the intentions of some of the large companies that can afford to put in place the infrastructure required. During the GDC this year was the Google to put the cards on the table presenting the Staff of which we still need to know a lot, but was able to channel the right feelings in the audience. The ability to use their internet connection to take advantage of any game on the market, the highest quality, also by means of a device not suitable to the purpose, is the main reasons for which the cloud gaming could be the future of entertainment. In this regard, Nvidia is the first of the solutions arrived on the market, thanks to its GeForce Now. In beta since a couple of years, several players who have received the free access to test the platform, waiting for a release, the final of which we still don’t have certain news. In the recent past we have already addressed the topic, trying to make it clear what works, and how the company is improving its service in view of the official launch. Despite the lack of information related to the business model that will be adopted, we can certainly pull in some amount on the current state of the work, who lives of lights and shadows.

GeForce Now: nuova prova con il cloud gaming di Nvidia

All of the games, where you want, when you want

The title of the paragraph hides inside the two truths, a absolutely exciting, the other dependent on an internet line important. It is in fact true that GeForce Now allows players to connect to their libraries, are now available for Steam, Uplay and and throw in any time to their favorite games, regardless of the machine you are using. This means that each user on the Apple in possession of a Mac, is not called to compromise with a system that is poorly supported as that of the house of Cupertino, and that also extends to the Shield TV, the machine in the seating of Nvidia, also sold in a configuration suitable for gaming with a pad owner in the bundle. The owners of this system can enjoy an additional advantage, which is a list of titles totally free of charge, among which you can find a fair number of games of top thickness as series Arkham and the first Bioshock. For all others the solution is however simple: it is to log in to their account and take advantage of the libraries in your possession, or otherwise purchase individual securities to make them available through GeForce Now. Among the news is extremely positive there is one related to the games already pre-installed on the machines to which we connect through the platform. It is a few hundred games ready to be launched immediately and that do not require any remote installation. For all others, the system requires an installation that varies according to the weight of the title, but that ends however, in a few seconds/minutes, thanks to a connection speed of the server farm that Nvidia can leave you stunned. During our test, there is ever wait more than five minutes to see you have launched the game, and this is a detail that raises the bar even higher with the possibility of a system as powerful as ambitious. Are exactly these details almost to the early, to make it even more annoying some elements that slow down drastically the experience.

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Connect every time with a different server, it means having to constantly make access to their libraries, the detail that goes in affect on the experience, especially for all those who (rightly) use two-factor authentication on their account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remember logins, even through a menu within the system, able to connect to our place, and bypass this step. The hope is that Nvidia can find a solution in the near future, making it easier to take advantage of their libraries. What is difficult to digest, albeit understandable for the reasons listed above, is that this problem also occurs at the end forced of the game sessions, which can have a maximum duration of four hours, and then require re-login. If this is understandable from the point of view of the congestion of the dial-up connection (but it will be absolutely deleted with the time, for a mere question of experience of the user), and you still can’t accept having to riloggare again to resume the session just ended, but we came in a couple of situations. This detail breaks up the flow of work that should be based on the immediacy and supportive of the concept of cloud gaming. Even more so if you consider what Google has recently presented, and that, if it is true that there is still everything to prove that you came down from the stage of the GDC, promises to close and re-open sessions of the game on different machines in a matter of seconds. Among the last things to be noted, in the context of the road test, we consider also an interface that the client still too confusing, which makes it difficult to find titles from launch. It would certainly be better to have a simple search function and clear, able to speed up even more the use.

The road test

Out the examination-general of the platform, let’s talk for a moment of what has been our personal test of some of the securities through GeForce Now. We were not able to test it on a Nvidia Shield to a TV, but we still got to plumb the capabilities of even using a laptop several years ago. The bandwidth required for the use is certainly not reduced: we are speaking of download speeds up to 25mbps to get to a normal 1080 at 60fps. But what really makes the difference is the ping of your connection, the element that pushes an important way to use a wired connection rather than wireless. This is especially true if you are going to play titles online multiplayer. Our test with one of the supported titles from the same platform, or Playerunknow”s Battlegrounds, has laid bare all the issues still currently present. Think of playing a title purely competitive through the cloud, inevitably leads to shoulder a handicap of input lag which, according to the situation of your connection, get to become really unbearable. Also when it comes to PVP, the situation did not change much: in the case of the Division 2. The last title of Massive Entertainment it is certainly more enjoyable, but its nature always online is not always the bride with the current performance of a platform that still requires different work from the point of view of optimization. The speech certainly changes when we are faced with an experience offline and single player, how can it be that The Witcher 3 or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In these two specific cases it has been impressive to be able to play on an old notebook, details moderately high, two games from the technical aspect so impressive. The resolution, frame rate, and the immediacy of the experience, manage to bridge easily the gap in a user and lover of technological progress.

GeForce Now: nuova prova con il cloud gaming di Nvidia


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