In the last hour the developers of Epic Games have released the long-awaited Update 9.01 for Fortnite Real Battle, Save the World and Creative Mode. In this short article I will show you all the highlights of the PvE mode, that is, Save the World.
On Fortnite Save the World, comes with the Update 9.01 the new simulation WarGames: the seed Pods of the fog. “From a nice clean to that garden, and the garden we intend to Shield and Storm. Find and destroy those pods of fog before they create mini-bosses. A new simulation Wargames means more of a chance to get tickets to the event, a new standard player and a greater variety of Assignments per day”.
Also noteworthy is the new Hero Builder for Fortnite to Save the World, and Setting prehistoric. Its Advantage is the standard Skin the dinosaur, while the shield is depleted increases the armor of 33 points; the advantage of the commander is, instead, the Skin dinosaur+, which results in an increase of 100. It will be available in the play store from the 16th of April, 2019 02:00. You can refer to all the news of the Update 9.01 of Fortnite Save the World by using the field Source for this article.

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