Fortnite Update 9.01, the news of Epic Games for Real Battle

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Today, Wednesday 15 may 2019 developers Epic Games have finally released the promised new update of Fortnite, that is theUpdate 9.01. In this short article we will examine the main news for the Battle Royal mode of the main game.
The Update 9.01 of Fortnite introduces on Battle Royal a new weapon to the game, the assault rifle tactical: “long live the tactic! This assault rifle sturdy and accurate it is the ideal option at a close distance”. Available in the loot on the ground, in chests, in deliveries, and in vending machines, the characteristics of the weapon are the following:

  • Automatic
  • 30 round magazines
  • Deals 22/23/24 of damage
  • Multiplier shots to the head: 1.75 x
  • Pink shooting compact for close combat, but reduced effectiveness on the long distance compared to the other assault rifles

But that’s not all, because the developers of Epic Games has also introduced some changes to other in-game items that already exist on Fortnite Real Battle, thinking that a profit balancein particular, have reduced the health of the Girosfera from 200 to 1500, and the base damage of the Gun Drum from 26/27 to 22/23. The shock Waves were then turned off, after the storm five and the gun is compact finished in the warehouse. You can find more information in the Source field of this article.

Fortnite Fucile Assalto Tattico Aggiornamento 901 1


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