The Gun Drum is recently returned as a weapon of game Fortnite Real Battle, at the request of the players who have voted for the tool in the course of the special event Return from the Warehouse. With the start of Season 9, however, the developers of Epic Game‘s have started to offer surveys very special.
In these hours many players of Fortnite are receiving the surveys from developers of Epic Games, theme Gun Drum asked how they evaluate the introduction of the weapon within the title. The score is the minimum that can be assigned is equal to 1, the maximum is equal to 5: the initiative itself, however, allows you to get a more precise idea about the current situation in the Battle Royale of Epic Games.
Undoubtedly, the developers have always tried to achieve a good balance in the game, however the Gun Drum is one of the most powerful weapons at the disposal: it was removed months ago because unbalanced, and now that she’s back he did it without any minimum change on the part of the producers. Probably in the near future, Epic Games will remove it again, or will modify it.

Epic Games is now starting to send surveys to the community asking how they feel about the addition of the Drum Gun!

(via u/VortexHero)

— ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks (@ShiinaBR) may 13, 2019