Fortnite, Fortbyte 24: where to find it inside of Lande Lethal

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With the start of Season 9 developers Epic Games have introduced within Fortnite Real Battle a new type of collectible: the Fortbyte. It is, for those who don’t know them yet, strange chips scattered a bit everywhere on the map of the game by the developers. In this short guide we will explain how to get the Fortbyte 24.
Not all of the Fortbyte of Fortnite introduced with Season 9 can be obtained by the players, but only a part of them: among them is also the Fortbyte 24, which is located precisely at the Lande Deadly (southern area of the game map). If you do not know where you must go, know that you are in the right place where to look for you at the house main around the fields of grain, on the second floor of the same.
Below there are two practices images: the first shows the map with the location of the Fortbyte 24 of Fortnite, the second room precise of the house where you’ll have to enter. Always pay much attention to the presence of any enemies.

Fortnite Fortbyte 24 Lande Letali 2

Fortnite Fortbyte 24 Lande Letali 1


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