Destructive Creations today unveiled a teaser trailer of gameplay for Follia : Dear father, the first survival-horror of the studio Italian Real Game Machine. On the menu : screaming, viscera and images that flash. In this game, the player will incarnate Marcus Pitt, a young man went in search of his parents (both teachers) at the place of work, namely, Frederick Fidelity University. Small problem : the campus is now a true nightmare full of hostile creatures hungry for blood. The objective will be, of course, discover how a quiet place to study is transformed into a gigantic slaughter, while still in life, and – preferably – without sinking into madness.

In order to survive, not advanced weaponry, but a crowbar, a flashlight, and a lighter when the latter is running out of batteries (hello Outlast). For hope to survive, there must, therefore, remain as discreet as possible, using the light sources sparingly, and by hiding as soon as an enemy lurking in the vicinity. Although it is not known if the adventure will be linear or not, it is already known that the exploration of the various corridors of the faculty will be one of the strong points of the game, combining the fact of being lost to the stress generated by the enemies that abound. Follia : Dear Father will be available in the fall of 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and can be played in VR on HTC Vivid and on PlayStation VR.