Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Avengers Project, by Square Enix directions on the release date

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Seen that do not arrive, clear notices to this regard, we can deduce in the meantime, a possible period of output for Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Avengers Project , starting from the financial data published by Square Enix these days.

Or better, the financial results, which have indicated, however, as the Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts 3 have driven sales in the last period, may exclude in the meantime, a period of output, since both the titles do not seem to be covered for the current fiscal year. The forecast for fiscal year 2020, ending march 31, 2020, are lower than those of the previous year, which excludes, apparently, the issuance of securities of large caliber able to give shocks to revenues of Square Enix and indicate, on the contrary, a continued spend on the development and marketing of new titles coming.

Of course, it’s not a statement direct from the publisher and should not be taken as exact information, but the tax records of Square Enix seem to exclude the possibility that the release date of Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Avengers Project can be scheduled before march 31, 2020. Therefore, for both titles, they will be discussed probably after that date, with anexpectation that looks to be still very long, despite Final Fantasy VII Remake has been recently shown State-of-Play of Sony. In any case, more detailed information will probably come during theE3 2019.


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