It took perhaps a little longer than other territories, but l’esport , apparently, is also conquering theItaly, with more than a million fans detected in 2019, according to the report of AESVI and Nielsen.

The Association representing the video games industry has presented yesterday in Milan, the new Report on esports in Italy, realized in collaboration with Nielsen. According to this new research, in Italy there are about 350,000 people who follow daily events and esports as fans regular, but the catchment area expands to approximately 1,200,000 people , if you also consider those who claim to follow an event in esports several times a week, or not on a daily basis but almost. It is in every case of large fans, which, evidently, are going up at great speed, as the quantity, of our parts: theincrease in registato in Italy is 35% with regard to the most passionate fans and 20% for others.

“In the last twelve months we have seen a growing professionalization of the ecosystem of Italian, thanks to the consolidation of some of the main actors of the sector, in particular event organisers and the team. We have also seen events that are always the most spectacular, also in Italy, starting from Milan Games Week with its own pavilion dedicated to esports,” said Marco Saletta, President of AESVI. “In 2018 we have created a permanent observatory on the phenomenon of competitive gaming together with Nielsen to get a point of vantage on its evolution. We want to give our contribution to the development of the ecosystem of esports in Italy, working first in line to make our country more and more important and competitive at the international level”.

The presentation of the Report on esports in Italy, which was held at the Fondazione Catella in Milan was an occasion to meet the major players in the industry, during which also discuss market trends and opportunities for the future. We see, therefore, what were the main points that emerged from the analysis published by AESVI, and Nielsen.

Those who are fans of esports in the uk?

It is a public that is mostly male (62%), with an average level of education-high, ranging in age between 21 and 30 years (44%), but with discrete incidence between 31 and 40 years (38%). Considerable is the presence of fans in the southern regions and islands (37%). 25% of esports fans started to follow the phenomenon only in the last year. The average fan is to devote 5 hours a week to the enjoyment of esports events. In addition to these, cinema and music are the main interests of the avid fans. 79% of esports fans is dedicated to this passion for entertainment or to pass the time, while 67% want to improve their personal skills by following the performance of professional players.

Sports games and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) are the kinds of video games followed. Complete the podium the RTS (Real Time Strategy). FIFA (47%), Call of Duty (44%), and League of Legends (34%) are the titles most popular among the avid fans and the reputation of the individual alloys tends to follow the penetration of its video games: the 45% of the avid fan, in fact, follows the Call of Duty World League, while 31% following the FIFA Global Series. The second place is however occupied by the Italian Esports Open, Gran Turismo, followed by 32% of the avid fans.

Personal Computer (62%) and smartphones (45%) are the most commonly used devices for the enjoyment of esports events. But on what platforms videogiocano esports fan? 81% say that playing games on smartphones, 77% on console, and 76% on the computer. Esports fans, also, have more than two accounts active among all the online services and the gaming platforms: PlayStation Plus (30%), Steam (22%), and Twitch First (21%) are the services most used by avid fans.

Where and when it comes to esports?

The volume of discussion relating to the arin on the web (blogs, forums, news, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit) is in constant increase in Italy from January 2018. In particular, the total volume of the buzz was almost about 1.3 million content, with a monthly average of 90.500 post in the course of 2018.

From the point of view of the discussions, the buzz was almost entirely monopolized by the phenomenon Fortnite, which has consecrated the genre Battle Royale on the Italian market. With regard to the alloys, ESL turns out to be the circuit in the most cited due to its activities on many different titles. The buzz for Twitch is up 32% compared to the previous year, it is probably due to the link between the platform and its function in the use of the content live.

Those who talk about esports on social media is mostly male, and coming mainly from the regions of Lombardy and Lazio. These are users who are highly passionate in technology, travel and motors, inclined to the world of hip-hop and rap music. In the theme of clothing, brand, sportswear – that you are approaching the streetwear – are particularly appreciated. Among these, in particular Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Rapporto Sugli Esports In Italia 2019