Here’s our video review of the Descenders. It is a video game on the downhill, or on the particular discipline in which it launches us on a mountain bike down descents, extreme, doing tricks and trying to avoid obstacles along the path towards the finish line. A title that points to us not to regret too much the time in which the various Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and SSX dominated the charts. Today, in fact, video games based on extreme sports are titles, niche, but this does not mean that there is no space for new experiences and experiments.

However, it is not a simulation, classic, since, as we have highlighted in the review of Descenders curated by Giorgio Melani, introduces arcade elements that enrich the gameplay and make it more fun. The game is characterized then also from many other peculiarities, as some elements of RPG, rogue-like and managerial skills that make him unique from many points of view. Unfortunately, however, there are some defects, especially in the technical sector, that make the experience less pleasant.

Descenders is one of the new games added to the catalogue of Game Pass Xbox in the month of may, after which the Dutch studio RageSquid has honed the mechanics in the course of the period of early access. The final version of the PC version is available from 7 may also Steam.