Arrived and then disappeared the message of ad on Blood Bowl 3 by the publisher of the French Bigben Interactive, which makes us now think that the game is officially in production.

Strangely, the message posted on Twitter it was subsequently removed from the publisher, but by then the damage had been done: therefore there is a third chapter in the series that blends american football with a tactical-RPG of the famous tradition of Games Workshop coming up with the Blood Bowl 3. Also in this case, the game is apparently in development at Cyanide, the same team of Call of Cthulhu and Space Hulk: Tactics, with the new title that does not yet have a release date , but the launch of which is now in 2020.

Blood Bowl 3 is obviously set in the fantasy universe of the board game Warhammer, but it explores a particular component, that is the sport that gives the name to the game. It is a variant of the very violent American Football, in which the characters kill themselves literally at each other while trying to follow the rules to the game, maintaining some of the typical characteristics of the RPG as the classes of the characters and their different abilities, but everything moved on a playing field. The presentation, at this point, will probably arrive for theE3 2019.