Those Nintendo have console for families. The attention for the little ones is obvious, and even Switch stands out for a library full of games pretty, fumettosi and cuddly… there are violent games, or much less, there are games that have some sexual booster. Or at least this is what is usually thought of Switch.

That Nintendo is, however, a japanese consul in everything and for everything, and then offers those experiences designed to meet the itches adolescent of his audience. And if you think Bayonetta is the ultimate expression of sexuality on the Switch… Well, you are mistaken.

Nights of Azure 2The first Nights of Azure was a decent role-playing game with a beautiful art direction, and told the love story of the two protagonists. The following should be instead a lot less subtle, and strong pushes on the fan service by introducing a spa area that has the only objective of showing the female characters in skimpy bikinis. Between the costumes that leave little to the imagination and dialogues laced with double meaning, Nights of Azure 2 definitely deserves a place in this selection.

Senran Kagura ReflexionsDespite the fan service, the series Senran Kagura has always been characterized by a gameplay that is highly voted action, with mechanical and various depths. All the quality that the developers have decided not to reproduce in the Senran Kagura Reflexions, focusing consistently on what they believe are the major selling point of the series. Reflexions is a spin-off that is referred to as a “simulator of massage” – without ambiguity, eh – that in the description on the eShop is presented as well: “in a classroom, after school, learns the techniques of reflexology, sincronizzandoti with his heart and his body. Help her to relax and may be able to retrieve a piece of his heart lost.” Ah, and of course is one of the few games that uses the rumble HD Nintendo Switch.

Dead or Alive Extreme 3 ScarletAnother series that takes the Switch to the chest is Dead or Alive. In fact, the spin-off of the fighting game from Team Ninja, Dead or Alive Extreme 3 Scarlet, recently arrived on the Nintendo console with the porting of one of his chapters the most prosper… er, with… Well, we understood each other. Compared to Senran Kagura, here we are, at least, of sporting competitions to justify the swimsuits, but the strengths remain more or less the same. Including support to the HD Rumble, of course.

Gal Gun 2The exorcisms, shots of pheromones. Would this be enough to qualify Gal Gun 2, a shooter game mixed with a visual novel where you must defend a group of young girls from the menace of the demon. Also here, we obviously skimpy outfits, and all the samples of situations are ambiguous, which make it difficult to play it on your tv. Fortunately, however, the Switch is also portable, so you can cast out demons in relative peace, provided you can always keep the headphones connected.

Nekopara Vol. 1From the producers of the series, Sakura, Nekopara is another of the flagship brand of the publisher, the american Sekai Project, the very famous among PC gamers because it specializes in visual novel from the bland interactive component, where the player’s objective is to continue in the story through a series of dialogues with multiple-choice answers. The reward? A series of images vaguely erotic young girls, in the case of Nekopara dressed as a cat. For less than 11 euro it is difficult to find a good reason not to overlook the opportunity to escape.

Nekopara Vol. 2If you want other pictures of girls cat on a Switch, you can also find the second chapter, always to 11 euro.

Pure/Electric LoveThe maximum expression of the degradation of which only the social networks are capable of, the series of mobile games as Well/Electric Love “has landed on the Switches in three versions: Eri Kitami, Ema Sakura, Moe Yamauchi. These three cosplayers in japan rather notes, which in the game offer shots in costume to anyone who can satisfy them in a fictitious telephone conversation. Fortunately, the three games are in japanese only, so you can save 4 euros with a light heart and continue to stalkerare your influencers that you like all the normal people: free of charge, on Instagram.

Super Real Mahjong PVAh, the beautiful games of an time. When the porn was not as accessible as today and you had to as less deal with the stares and nasty of the newspaper vendor, titles such as Super Real Mahjong PV were… a holy hand. Released in 1994 on the Sega Saturn and PC, the title was a kind of strip poker, where the player could let undress her opponents battendole in the traditional chinese game of Majhong. Unfortunately, in this case Nintendo has deemed too explicit content of any of these designs in the ’90s and so, to protect its users, has decided before to censor the genitals with beams of light divine, and then of the ring as Thor with the ban hammer on this great and unforgettable classic of the past.

A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World: YU-NOAnother great pearl of the past is A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World: YU-NO. In spite of the title, to the limits of the illegality, YU-NO is the remake of another game released on the PC and the Sega Saturn in the late nineties. This time, however, we are facing a visual novel with sections of gameplay of a different kind, where you follow the adventures of the protagonist through various parallel worlds, as he tries to solve some of the mysteries of his past. The original had very hot scenes, but it is likely that the version Switch suffers from the same complaint of the version Saturn, so we’re not entirely sure it merits a place in this ranking. The welcome with the benefit of the doubt.

Panty PartyJust arrived to surprise on the Nintendo eShop and Switch sold just 14 euros, the Panty Party is a game where the subsidiaries of the panties of a woman, in the role of “Warrior of love”. Really need to add anything else?