The readers of the manga of Dragon Ball Super have already noticed how the situation on Planet Namek is significantly complicating, chapter after chapter. And speaking of chapters: number 47 of the manga Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, the most recent and famous of Akira Toriyama based on the historic franchise, unveiled a new and very interesting details about the character of Small. Do not read further if you want to avoid any type of spoilers or previews.
Currently, Goku and Vegeta are still fighting against Moro on the Planet Namek, however, know well that they cannot defeat the powerful new enemy. Help is always come in the course of chapter 47 from of the Galactic Patrol, who have brought on the planet of the nameks, the companion Majin good Buu: for the moment seems to be able to hold head-to-Moro. But help still more should arrive in the course of the next few chapters from a Small, historic ally of the Saiyan Warriors since the series Dragon Ball Z.
The role of Small (some still called Junior) was revealed by chapter 47, a short displacement of the frame from Namek to Planet Earth: here Small is shown visibly worried for both Goku and Vegeta to the planet christmas; she has in fact felt the presence of the Moor and the destruction that it is causing to the planet. It is not excluded that the namek can go as soon as possible in the rescue of planet Namek, thus facing his once Moro the devourer of planets: we’ll know probably by chapter 48 of the Dragon Ball Super.

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