Among the novelties presented during the course of the Inside Xbox last night, or just before, there is also the imminent arrival de The Call of the Hunter within the world of the Sea of Thieves, who show in more detail in this trailer with hunting, fishing, and cooking.

The Call of the Hunter is a new introduction that will arrive on the 30th of April, bringing with him some new situations within the Sea of Thieves, such as sessions of hunting fishing. In fact it is a new Company for Trade, founded by the pirate bard Merrick. With the introduction of the Call of the Hunter therefore, we can fish in the game are Rare, and selecting the bait, and the point at which to launch and trying to pull on the fish without breaking the fishing line through the new mechanics of the game.

Hunting and gathering will also allow us to obtain new raw materials, by cooking, by capturing wild animals more or less dangerous, going by the hens and the pigs up to the snakes and the sharks, with rewards of course, increasing depending on the level of challenge. The materials thus collected, including hunting and fishing, are also included in the new dynamic of the kitchen, which allows you to create new dishes from different recipes, with the ability to perform the task both on land and on ships in the Sea of Thieves.

The Call of the hunter was founded by rover, Merrick, famous for having azzuffato with the Hungry, and the first Megalodon to threaten the seas, the Sea of Thieves, and having left half of his body. Merrick is back with his family and some friends with the same mentality to get a little bit of revenge, by encouraging fishing, hunting, and cooking in the sea!

Call of the hunter is the new company of trade of Merrick, which aims to reward the pirates kitchenette, large dishes, catch the fish, the more rare and caccino beasts, from the most humble of the pigs up to the deadly kraken. Make an impression on them with the best catches and the best food to get gold and special rewards, including fishing rods in many different styles!

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