We are not yet arrived at the birthday, but this is now very close, with the good old Game Boy Nintendo about to turn 30 years old and apparently it is enjoying a renewed success in the research and trades online.

The birthday, to tell you the truth, is set for next week: the Game Boy was released, in fact, originally the April 21, 1989, but obviously it’s already risen to fever for the old portable home Nintendo, who revolutionized the gaming all over the world. As pointed out from the start.it on your platform, in this last period we are witnessing a surge in research on the portable console in black-and-white.

According to reports from Immediately.it, in the first two weeks of April on this platform recorded a peak of searches grew by 72%. Currently there are nearly 1,300 items for sale related to the Game Boy and related games, including the different types of console output in history, with prices that fluctuate between 50 and 360 euros. Among the more curious and valuable, we report the presence of the Game Boy in Limited Edition, dedicated to the Florentine, made for the season 1998/1999, which has a rating between 2000 and 3000 euro.

Regarding the games, particularly sought after are Pokémon Gold and Silver, which reach evaluations also around 350 euro, while between the stocks and abundance of Tetris and Super Mario Bros as well as Batman, Star Wars, and Ninja Turtles.

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