Anno 1800The loop of basic gameplay is, of course, to place a few roads and buildings in order to transform gradually a peaceful campaign in the crowded city. Particular emphasis is placed on the production lines, which allow to produce various goods necessary to the satisfaction of the people. Moreover, one can note a clear separation between the needs and the happiness. Bring enough of any property belonging to the first category is sufficient to evolve a given dwelling, the inhabitants that successively achieve the status of farmers, workers, artisans, engineers and investors. But it is important to also respond to the requests of comfort, because of the happiness of your flock depend on their number and therefore the amount of tax collected. It is also essential not to make a change to all your people simultaneously and keep a sufficient number in each category, left to re-create continually the housing base. In fact, the game now makes the distinction standing between the categories, each building, using only one type of worker given. Fans of the series will also note the importance given to the warehouses, that it is necessary to disseminate the best on the card, so that each industry is located near one of them, and it can be equipped with loading docks to serve simultaneously up to a maximum of production chains. And of course, all the islands do not have the same resources and fertilit├ęs, it should be fast enough to think to conquer new lands, establish trade routes, and to use the pane diplomatic effort to forge alliances, trade rights, treaties of peace and declarations of war. At the end of a certain time, it will eventually even feel cramped on the main card and by juggling with other maps, including that of the new world.


Anno 1800The game also offers expeditions, who commandeered one of our ships and work, roughly, like adventures text-based multiple choice. It is quite possible to fail, and to leave one’s feathers, but also come up with a nice reward to the key, for example in the form of a wild animal, or an archaeological artefact. We will then soon put the first one in a zoo and the second in a museum, these two types of cultural buildings making an appearance noticed in the saga. It must be said that Anno 1800 puts a particular emphasis on tourism, and we will therefore in their interest to maximize the score of attractiveness of the city (calculated from the scores of culture, nature and festivities on the one hand, and pollution, vulgarity and instability of the other), in order to take advantage of inflows of money. The game innovates so little by little, without ever disturbing its basic concept, devilishly effective. Moreover, we find a few flaws typical of the series, such as the naval fights hardly exciting. The ground fighting, they are downright left to rot because, by their own admission, the developers have not managed to get something satisfactory. One may also regret the few levers that the player possesses on the monetary aspect. For example, it is impossible to finely adjust the taxes, or borrow a sum of money to a bank. On the side of technical problems, it should be noted a form of latency when some clicks, which do not seem to be taken into account properly, as well as quests that take a bit of time to validate automatically, or are not sufficiently explicit on how to validate them. You may also observe bubbles that come out partially of the screen when the item hovered over is too low. These small flaws will certainly be corrected in a future patch and, in all cases, weigh little compared to the very good performance overall of the game !