Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have revealed the roadmap of content of Hitman 2, which provides to the owners of the base game and the Expansion Pass an overview of the new maps, mode, Sniper Assassin, a new location, new special missions, and not only. We find out all the details via the press release:

“All players can continue to enjoy all of the live content for free every week, including the Challenge Pack, the Targets Elusive, Contracts, Escalation, and Special Contracts. Before the end of the year, l’Agent 47 will visit the Bank, the Jail and the Resort. Each new location will bring with it new goals, challenges and unlockable items that can be used in every environment of Hitman 2. For more information, take a look at the Roadmap monthly, IO Interactive, for a closer look at the contents of the next exit.

Hitman 2 is the sequel to the highly successful international Hitman. Hitman 2 includes new environments sandbox full of angles and vibrant life to explore, and gives players the freedom to make the assassination perfect: choosing creative tools, weapons, disguises, and stealth techniques it will be possible to trigger sequences of events that are always new and unpredictable.

Hitman 2 introduces new ways to play with the mode, Sniper Assassin, a feature that is separate which adds, for the first time in the Hitman series, the game co-operative: the two players can collaborate online to eliminate their targets. Hitman 2 will also include a brand new multiplayer mode for competitive 1 vs 1: the Ghost Mode.

Players will test their skills by assassins fighting online in the role of Agent 47 and will try to eliminate the greater number of targets faster and more cleanly on the opponent, using weapons, items, costumes, and speakers ghost supplies the ICA as support to the mission.”

Himtan 2 Roadmap