In these last days, and specifically in the last few hours have started new events within the Pokémon GO, the title mobile developed and published free of charge by Niantic Labs for android and iOS devices. Them we shall summarize briefly in this article: to know in the meantime that Scyther Shiny is available, and that has also taken place on the new rotation of the nests.
Scyther Shiny or Scyther color has been officially made available worldwide from the developers of Niantic Labs to celebrate the new event of the Bacomania Pokémon GO, dedicated-type Pokémon, bug. The spawn / pop-up of Scyther at the global level has been increased, but not that of the colour version, it will serve therefore a lot of patience and luck to find one.
Pokémon GO in the last hour also received a new rotation of the nests: the migration is already completed and will lead to the discovery of many new colonies in the next few days. Check the parks citizens of the place in which you live: it is possible that now they are inhabited by some species of Pokémon in particular, unprecedented compared to those of the previous weeks. The new rotation of the nests of Pokémon GO will probably be done between two or three weeks.

Pokemon Go Evento Bacomania Scyther 2