Google Play Music will close soon, the doors, ending its services and maybe already by the end of April 2019. Probably only a fairly small group of owners of a smartphone android have ever used, and for the latter, it will be a good news.
The confirmation of the closure of Google Play Music comes directly from Google through the announcement of the closure of another service connected to the platform, and that is Artist Hub. It is (or better, in the short we must say “was”) a useful service that allowed independent artists to sell their music on Google Play Music and Google Play Store without being tied to a third-party distributor of. Artist Hub will close on April 30th, 2019.
After the Artist Hub will be the turn directly to Google Play Music: Google mail informs, in fact, that “with the launch of YouTube Music that took place last year, we are going to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music. In view of this change, we will close Artist Hub”. It is not clear what the future expects to independent artists that until now have used Artist Hub for their musical creations.

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