It is so good that we talk about Alan Wake 2 , but without any concrete news about a possible arrival, but it seems that the Remedy has done all of the attempts, the actual return on the market of the series, working on a new chapter for a little bit of time.

In the course of PAX East, she has had the opportunity to interview Thoma Puha, director of communications at Remedy Games, which has reported that the team has actually already worked for a while for Alan Wake 2: “we Were working on Alan Wake 2 in a couple of years ago but simply couldn’t get satisfactory results, so at the moment there is nothing concrete and we are really already full of commitments for the next two years, really,” he explained Puha. “We own the intellectual property of Alan Wake, however, however, is not a simple thing to achieve. In any case, yes, we check us the title”.

The fact that Remedy owns the rights to Alan Wake was known, but in the previous comments the team has made it known often that would be, however, necessary, in some way, the involvement of Microsoft for Alan Wake 2. However, apparently some of the works were carried out by the Remedy in a manner that is independent, only that we are not able to arrive at a satisfying form. The fact that for at least the next two years the developers are already engaged in other means that we will probably have to wait a bit before thinking of a return to Alan Wake, in case it is possible. In the meantime, the Remedy is completely focused on Control, her new title is multi-platform.