Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment, organized by the New York city event press during which were presented a number of games for the PlayStation VR. Iron Man VR, which was responsible to open the first State of Play of the History, was part of the list, which has enabled our colleagues from Kotaku for asking a few questions to Camouflag, the studio at the controls of the project. According to Ryan Payton, the ex-journalist and producer of the game, it is not necessary to expect an experience that can be completed in just an hour ; the ambitions of the developers, on the other. “We are not trying to create a rail-shooter, or an amusement park, he warned. We don’t develop either a demo or an experience of VR based on the license Iron Man. What we do, this is a game of sandbox with a real story, many missions and full of cutscenes.” Ryan Payton has done well to emphasize, because the short sequence shown at the State of Play seemed to indicate the contrary.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Ryan Payton has stated that even he and his team were inspired by the comics, the storyline of Iron Man VR had been written specifically for the needs of the game, Bill Roseman (the creative director of Marvel Games) who took part in the construction from the start. As you may have guessed, the priority of developers has been to treat the mechanics related to the volume: “We understood that we were in the right direction when we showed the game for the first time at Marvel, explained Ryan Payton. One of the employees tried our prototype for about twenty minutes, he was flying very fast. It was the perfect marriage between Iron Man and the virtual reality.” One of the peculiarities of the game is to make it possible to use the PlayStation Move 360°, a technical feat, if one believes the guy.

“We have magicians as well Camouflaj that at our partner Dark Wind, which is located in New York, he did know. They were not intimidated by the fact of having only a single PlayStation Camera. We’ve designed the game so that the player can move 360° without having to worry about whether or not the PlayStation Camera. There are a whole bunch of tips and tricks for unique who seek the features gyroscopic. […] It is completely invisible.” Finally, Ryan Payton has said that Iron Man VR would not make sick stomachs fragile, a aspect is oh so important when it comes to virtual reality. No release date has been communicated for the moment, but we know that the game will be released this year exclusively on PS4.