Ardyn Izunia is the absolute and undisputed protagonist of the last DLC dedicated to Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn would have to be the first of a new tranche on which the Square has stopped work a few months ago, putting a stop to the support of one of the titles most discussed in recent years. On the villain, good or evil, all agree: it is one of the most successful in the long history of the franchise, impression confirmed by the tragic scenes at the first mentioned in the storyline of the original and then explained thanks to a short animated film. The vision of the latter is practically necessary for a well understanding of the stories in the DLC, because the screenplay seems to assume that the player knows the background and the characters that appear in the kinematics. For this reason, in fact, Episode Ardyn appeared since from the very first minute a DLC designed specifically for the super fans of Final Fantasy XV.

So it is written and so shall it beOur story begins Angelgard, the island in which Somnus was imprisoned his brother, Ardyn with the code-name Adagium after having betrayed him and have stolen the throne. For those who had forgotten, Ardyn Izunia, in reality, Ardyn Lucis Caelum, was an ancestor of Noctis with the power to heal or inflict the Scourge that transforms living beings into monsters. Locked up and forgotten for two thousand years, Ardyn is freed by a young Verstael Besithia that convinces him to aggravated murder, the empire of Nifhleim in the war against the kingdom of Lucis. The DLC thus explores the reasons for Ardyn, and the reasons that led him to pursue vengeance against his own kindred, explaining how he has subdued the time of the fire, Ifrit, and how in the end is completely insane, consumed by resentment and the loneliness.

Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ardyn 02

The storyline jumps constantly from the past to the present, through flashbacks and hallucinations that immerse us in the mind of Ardyn, helping us to understand his point of view. Let’s face it: Ardyn had at least a couple of very good reasons to be angry to death with Lucis and the short film that the DLC contribute to better frame the role of the villain, making it much more three-dimensional. The DLC offered a lot of crucial information on the mythology of Final Fantasy XV, especially in the form of databases or files that the player can freely after having unlocked the corresponding item. The problem is that, at the narrative level, there is little substance. The storyline the main, divided into three chapters, is completed in less than two hours, and ends with a revelation that puts into question the meaning and morality of the experience of Noctis in the original game. In this sense, the Episode Ardyn it adds little to the plot of Final Fantasy XV, representing just a study an interesting but negligible.

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In the role of ArdynThe actual gameplay of the DLC takes place in the city of Insomnia that Ardyn visit on behalf of the emperor Aldercapt with the precise purpose of deal with Regis and push the spirit of Somnus to manifest itself. To enter the royal palace, however, you must first deactivate the defenses, destroying the generators scattered around the city: they divide Insomnia into sectors and essentially represent the main challenge for the DLC. The objective of the player is to destroy at least two generators – the others are optional – by defeating their keepers, and the soldiers of Insomnia to the defense of the city. There are other NPCS: the streets are deserted, while Ardyn moves from one point to another using the translation system assigned to the key ridge. Explore Insomnia is fairly simple and each generator destroyed, reveals, on the map, the locations of the collectibles, save points and shops: these last ones allow to spend the yen earned in the hats with which to customize the model of Ardyn.

Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ardyn 17

The combat system is essentially the same as that of Final Fantasy XV, as amended to the occurrence. The difference is most glaring lies in the fact that, after softening up the opponent with a few blows, Ardyn can “daemonizzarlo”, inflicting any further damage, and regenerates a small amount of PV. As a member of a dynasty of Lucis, Ardyn fights with the weapons of the ancestral, but by spending the skill points earned in combat, it is possible to improve its features and unlock new attacks. It is a system of progression is simple and linear that can also enhance Ifrit, the time that Ardyn can evoke after you have loaded the indicator is used to attack the enemies that surround it. The combat system is immediate and fun, even if it is easy to get confused in the chaos of the battle, especially because of a camera uncertain and in closed spaces gives the very worst of itself, encasing the frame and knocking the player.

Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ardyn 19

As we have said, Episode Ardyn is not a DLC for a very long time. There are two difficulty levels and completing the campaign, you unlock some bonus in the base game and the combat martial, a confrontation optional with Noctis that makes us relive the final battle of Final Fantasy XV from the point of view of Ardyn. Fans of the collectible might devote an hour or more to the DLC to defeat all of the enemies in the city of Insomnia and to collect all the objects, but is an activity that is an end in itself and the exploration of the city has impressed us at all, being practically deserted, and accompanied by a musical theme rock and totally sung that we found quite out of place. The soundtrack of Final Fantasy XV is one of the best in circulation, as we remember the other songs that we have heard in some moments of the DLC, but that track is out of place so much as to be unsettling.

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Ultimately, in the quality of the last DLC, Episode Ardyn turned out to be quite disappointing, especially at the proposed price. It is a short adventure that reveals much about the secrets of Final Fantasy XV, and that puts in question the history as we have known it, sending a dark message, and pessimistic about the inevitability of the fate that, although it reverses the traditional cliché of role-playing games in japanese, in any way diminish the importance of the actions of the Noctis at the end of the game. Episode Ardyn clarifies some questions, but on the front of the gameplay results in an experience that is repetitive and uninteresting that we recommend only for diehard fans of the Final Fantasy XV that want to tread the soil of the Eos for the last time.