Metro Exodus on the Epic Games Store, has sold more than double of Last Light on Steam

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In the press release the first results of the Epic Games Store was revealed that Metro Exodus has gone better than what you supposed initially, selling 2.5 times as much as did Metro Last Light, the predecessor, on Steam. Of course we talk about the first few weeks of marketing, but it is still a remarkable result, considering also the call for a boycott of the users PC who has seen the evil eye the exclusive the temporal date to the store of Epic Games.

Among other data it has been revealed that currently the Epic Games Store has 85.000.000 of PC players, most of which accumulated thanks to the global success of Fortnite, and that is Subnautica of Unknown Worlds, both Slime Rancher of Monomi Park, have been downloaded more than 4,500,000 times in the two weeks in which they were donated.

In short, the Epic Games Store is more busy than you could imagine, despite the controversy for an alleged theft of data from Steam and in spite of the hostility of many who do not see well the aggressive policy of exclusive implemented by Epic Games.


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