Google Staff, current connections, his biggest limit

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The biggest limitation of a platform, entirely based on the internet such as the Google Staff seems to be the internet, i.e. the connections to medium current.

Beyond the exaltation of novelty, there are few analysts who see in the current network infrastructure, the major difficulty for the affirmation of the new platform for cloud gaming to Google. For example, Alex Cranz of Gizmodo has pointed out how it was paradoxical to record problems streaming for the presentation of a technology based entirely on the streaming, in one of the cities better connected to the world, during one of the events the most important technology of the globe. In short, according to him, we can forget to enjoy the games at the speed view of the stage, i.e. moving from one screen to another in real time. The problems for the average user will be far greater.

According to the latest report from Akamai on the state of connectivity in the USA, currently the connection speed is the average american is 18.7 Mbs, in short, a value less than as required by Staff for the 1080p / 60fps (25Mbs). Since the average value is also evident as some areas of the USA are necessarily covered better than others. A total of only one family in five has a connection required for 4k / 60fps which is the main goal of the Ruler.

Of course, if this is the situation in the USA, imagine our or that of less-developed nations, where the connections are, on average, much slower and problems are not lacking. Of course, this does not reduce the extent of innovation represented by Google Staff, but suggests to be cautious in the apocalyptic predictions for the old video game industry.


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