Phil Spencer: reactions to Google Staff, the head of the division Xbox

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The presentation to Google Staff, has a character of epic proportions, in view of the novelties introduced in terms of the use and distribution of the games, and the thing obviously has not left indifferent the other exponents of the videogame market, from Phil Spencer , who seems to have expressed already their first thoughts hot on the topic.

According to the always well informed Brad Sams of Thurrott, a journalist that in many cases, published documents, and the behind the scenes from the leak, and the like, Phil Spencer has revealed his thoughts on the presentation of the Google Staff to the team the Xbox through a first email to warm, in the short period after the conclusion of the event Google. Sams argues that that visible in the video shown below is the email sent to you by Phil Spencer for his division: apparently the head of Xbox, you realize that the extent of the new entrant, but on the other hand, sees the Ruler as a confirmation of the validity of the context in which Microsoft has decided to invest, that is, the cloud game streaming with Project xCloud.

“We’ve just finished to see the announcement of Staff with the team here at the GDC. Their announcement is not the confirmation of the validity of the path that we started two years ago,” we read at the beginning of the letter, Phil Spencer, addressed to team Xbox. “Today we have seen a great competitor technology to enter in the videogame market, and the staging of the necessary ingredients to success as a content, community and the cloud”. Apparently, Spencer expected in the characteristics of Staff, but was particularly impressed by the level of integration of YouTube: “there were No big surprises in their announcement, even if I was impressed by the exploitation of YouTube, by the use of Google Assistant and new WiFi controller”.

In any case, Spencer sees everything, above all, as a great incentive to continue on the road taken from the Xbox: “Back to us, we have done a great job to position ourselves to compete on the two billion of the players around the planet. Google has presented great today, but we have a couple of months untilE3, where we will be present to great us. We must stay active and continue to evolve, keeping users at the centre. We have the content, the community, the team the cloud and the strategy and as I say a bit, it is just to make everything work better. This is even more true today. Are exciting times”.


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