Google Stadia : we will need the Stadia Controller to play games on his TV, says Phil Harrison

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If Google Stadia is truly well-oiled machine, it is likely to shake up totally the codes of the video game and draw the future. One of its impressionnates faculties is its complete dematerialization, allowing you to play titles on any device with the Chrome browser or when connected to a Chromecast. In the case of a tv, this latter accessory is essential to project his / her video game and, through an interview with Phill Harrison by Kotaku, we learn that only the Stadia Controller may be linked to it.

In fact, it is quite possible to connect his / her own pad on a PC – confirmed information to the journalist by the boss of Stedia – the thing is far too complex to be repeated via a Chromecast. In this way, the controller designed by Google presented at the conference of last night is, therefore, the one and only solution to play on his tv.

The acquisition of the object seems, therefore, quite necessary, especially as its free WiFi promises of latency is drastically reduced compared to the Bluetooth technology. On the other hand, this could also largely deplete the battery : a case to follow.



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