Dragon Ball Super: Moro has defeated Goku and Vegeta in the manga?

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The new chapter of the manga of Dragon Ball Super (number 46) will be soon available in Japan, but the first information started to arrive thanks to the usual leak. If yesterday we mentioned a new transformation for the powerful Moro, the second innovation may really cause you any alarm: it seems that the devourer of planets is able to defeat easily, Goku and Vegeta.
For more information you can refer to the images shown in the Source field of this article, whose vision is clearly not recommended to anyone who wants to avoid the slightest spoilers on the manga of Dragon Ball Super. All the others know, even if clearly the news is not confirmed, that Moro could have easily defeated Goku and Vegeta and absorb their vital energy. This step would particularly make sense and would justify the new shape or the transformation brown, spotted always in the leak of the past few hours to theme Dragon Ball Super.
If Goku and Vegeta will not be able to keep up with Moro to the events of the narrative arc of the Galactic Patrol could really take a strange direction: who will come to help the two Saiyans? Going on the field the Gods of Destruction? We will keep you updated; we cannot exclude the possible arrival of Broly.

Dragon Ball Super Fonte Potere Saiyan 1


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