Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and other titles, Quantic Dream is arriving on PC in the exclusive Epic Games Store

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During the session “State of the Unreal” at the GDC 2019, Epic Games has announced a number of very interesting news regarding the Epic Games Store, such as the agreement of the exclusive tight with Quantic Dream to bring the games of the team on the PC.

This means that the games of David Cage and his companions, so far seen only on the PlayStation (at least for the last few years), and will arrive on PCS exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Among the games of the catalog announced the arrival on the Windows platform through the store Epic there are Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and even the recent Detroit: Become Human, originally released on the PS4, where he has enjoyed some success.

After the detachment of Quantic Dream and Sony, therefore, the first move of the team is this: a total transfer on the PC thanks to the exclusive agreement signed with Epic Games Store, that you are assured therefore of the introductions are very interesting in their catalog, even if there are still release dates accurate on the various securities in question.


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