It seems that Days Gone has through a long process of restructuring also with regard to its protagonist, Deacon, St. John, built by Sony and the team at Bend Studio in following the first feedback from the public.

As explained by director Jeff Ross to Polygon, several changes were made on the game after the first presentation at E3 2016 on the basis of the feedback collected. Among these, there has been some work on the appearance and personality of the protagonist, Deacon, who apparently was too obscure and also a bit generic and uninspiring at first impact. “We have fine-tuned in certain aspects, more angular, which could not just be the character more enjoyable,” explained Ross, referring to the numerous criticisms received initially on the protagonist.

“We have worked hard to make the character of the Deacon that is more realistic, he added,” also the author of the screenplay, jg. “It was not so much the fact of making the character enjoyable for all, we wanted it to evolve in the course of history, and in this case we have to place the apparatus in an initial condition and then take it in another”.

Everything is a continual work of refining and of new knowledge to a team that find themselves working on a game in the open world: “At the beginning of the development of Days Gone, we had not realized how much time the player would have to go with this character before this last riacquistasse a certain humanity. No one would want to spend eight hours with someone that is not good, this was part of our ongoing learning on the development of an open world”. In the same way, different moments of the game were changed so as to be more easily understood by the public, based on how the characters react, as reported always by Garvin. Days-Gone-already gone gold and is getting ready for its release date, scheduled for April 26, 2019 on PS4.