Towers, in the video the amazing prototype by the former authors of Hawken

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Towers is the title of debut of Dreamlit Entertainment, a development team consisting of some of the former authors of Hawken, which have grappled with the realization of the prototype that you see here above in the video.

The peculiarity of the project is that it has been prepared by a team composed of mainly six elements in the course of twelve months. “We strive to create a fantastic world full of mysteries and wonders that players can explore and build together,” wrote the developers on the official website of the Towers.

After the excellent Hawken, it’s surprising these guys have grappled with a very different experience, but that in some moments, knows how to represent of the spectacular battles, to be addressed in collaboration with other users.

Towers has not been a reference platform nor clearly a period of output, but we imagine that the trailer will attract the attention of some publisher that can effectively support the project and implement it in the near future.



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