Steam, the negative reviews are off-topic will be removed

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Steam includes a rating system for all products, but is under the eyes of all in the course of time, many users have abused this tool in order to publish negative reviews completely off-topic.

Well, Valve has decided to address the issue by announcing that these reviews will be from now on then removed, leaving, however users the option to display them or not. “We will proceed to identify the bombing of the reviews are off-topic and will remove it from the Review Score,” wrote the company in a note.

There remain doubts on the system that will be used by Valve to isolate the reviews in question, according to some insiders potentially ineffective, but it is clear that there will be a staff of a deputy to read every single assessment to determine the correctness.

The move to Steam it arrives at a short distance from a position on the Epic Games Store about: digital platform Epic Games will introduce an option to allow or not to display the reviews.



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