Starpoint Gemini 3, was announced in LGM Games with trailers, images and details

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The series of spatial simulations Starpoint Gemini is going to get a new chapter, with the arrival of Starpoint Gemini 3 announced today by LGM Games with a first trailer and some images.

Although it was a little far from the spotlight, Starpoint Gemini has built a community of players rather passionate, that led to this spatial simulation of LGM Games in a long journey that has reached ten years , and three chapters of the series increased, without consideration of the various expansions. It is a game that mixes elements from RPG, simulation, strategic and management game set in space, with the possibility of exploring planets and systems.

In Starpoint Gemini 3, for the first time, it will be possible to go over Gemini and Sol, inside of a history characterized by characters with a characterization deep. It also seems that, finally, we will be able to meet the aliens, discover new worlds and expand the possibilities of management, however, above a substrate, the narrative that presents itself very well cared for. All this, of course, will also be represented by a sector graph more evolved than what we have seen so far. Starpoint Gemini 3 still has no release date accurate, but is planned for 2019 and already has a Steam store page dedicated, in addition to the official trailer, shown above.


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