Objects in Space, the ambitious sandbox space of the prolific Flat Earth Games, the particular protagonist of a review that speaks of intergalactic trips, but must deal with the setting of the game inspired almost entirely to the world of submarines. It derives from an experience that is peculiar to a sandbox julesverniano aftertaste distinctly vintage that sees us to the command of a ship full of panels and mechanical noise, a vessel that you control with a joystick and that does not allow us to observe the external space, but is governed by complex and slow maneuvers in tight spaces, in the light of the screen that shows roughly what is in the surrounding space. And an approximation is inevitable, given the modesty of a game engine that takes us back several generations, and strongly supported as a centerpiece of a title, arrived at version 1.0 a year after the debut of the Early Access, which looks to the video games of the past, when the three dimensions were still at the beginning.

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Submarines and space sounds dangerousObjects in Space is a vintage much in graphics as in substance, structured in single rooms with a fixed shot, ranging from the environments, claustrophobic spaceships, on which we can also find a relaxation area, if the size of the medium allows it, up to the large halls of space stations which provide us with the opportunity to gain information, exchange goods, buy resources, repair parts, and buy the ships more and more advanced modules of various types, weapons included, that allow you to customize the ship to the very marrow. And it is here that the title Flat Earth Games just not the canons of the space simulators, offering a narrative dimension large, although fragmented into small stories that we can follow or disregard it altogether, aiming only to enrich us with missions, smuggling, and sizes to get fighting, passenger transport and much more. The whole package, in short, for a title that does not allow us to observe the outside of the ship, but we are not to miss a universe full of pilots, pirates, precious minerals, nebulae, torpedoes, countermeasures, and ability to communicate. Yet although the structure is the classic of the genre, the gameplay is inspired by the submarines change the cards on the table and substantially alter the experience.

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Any road we decide to take, we must follow through the complex panels of the ship, taking into account energy consumption and even the level of noise emitted by the modules, in order not to attract too much attention in the full style of the submersible. In this case, being in the vacuum of space, the problem should not arise, but the poetic license adds depth to gameplay that is staid also in the fighting, turning every maneuver in a strategic challenge to be enjoyed with a lot of calm. But if the slowness of the experience, excluding the fights, it is an element common to several sandbox space, the mechanical simulator of the submarine can displace one who is accustomed to soar to space and is located opposite to a control system of the complex system of screens dedicated to communications, text-based commands to browse the file systems to be repaired manually, and modules of all kinds, some of which are also essential just to be able to maneuver the ship. But part of the complexity is only apparent and depends, in part, from a drastic lack of information that contributes to confuse the player. With the passage of time in the gaps of the tutorial are offset from the experience and from meeting with pilots who, by revealing to us new information, make that the experience will become more and more fluent, without being less the unpleasant sensation of being confined in a contraption space, lost in a universe that is dirty and hostile to those that have marked the great masterpieces of the science fiction film.

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One particular experience is still evolvingIt all starts with the classic mission gone wrong that propelled us in a space that is still largely unexplored, initially bound to a ship shabby, but with the option to swap it out to begin our climb to success. This, however, becomes possible only after you bought that module RCS, the lack of which has forced us to ask for help, while we were drifting in space, paying a hefty sum to return to the space base to start. And it is here that, depleted of a few finances in our possession and without the possibility of recharge having regard to the auto-save on a single slot, we were forced to ask for a loan to be able to finally equip the ship, finally ready to leave, but awed by the modesty of the rewards linked to the job offers more accessible. And here we are again in front of mechanics that do everything they can to slow us down, running however the risk of making some activities so unappetizing as to affect the balance overall. Conversely, however, increases gain of importance of the smuggling, including modules stealth to reduce the noise emitted from the ship, exploring the boundaries of space known and the satisfaction you get in achieving some objectives, even the practical as in the case of the installation of a jump drive or a solar sail, two factors that dramatically increase independence and freedom of movement, by changing, literally, marching to the experience. Does not evolve, instead, the tenor technician, a title that exploits the imaginary and vintage to compensate for the graphics to say the least, modest.

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But the work of design, dedicated to design, well-differentiated of the several ships, to the panels, emergency lighting, advertising and the details you notice and to enter in synergy with the important sounds, which includes some of the tracks ambient of excellent quality to be played back with the player of the ship. And all of this is more than enough to give life to the vision of the developers, a unique journey inside of a ship, claustrophobic launched in a huge space. And it is a journey of continuous evolution, which has been enriched before with 17 scenarios and with fundamental elements such as the mapping of the keys, and then, with the arrival of version 1.0, with the openness to modding, with the fulfilment of the narrative dimension, and with the addition of LAN support for up to 4 players, hopefully, a starter of online multiplayer, unfortunately, until now only mentioned as a possibility for the future of Objects in Space. A future that we hope includes the first thing some other finishing to the code and the interface is still rough, both in game and in the options, in addition to an improvement in the balance, with some missions that are really just a sensible offering sometimes lower gains at the expense of docking at a station. Feels additionally, the lack of any interaction with the surrounding space, even in the form of some mini-game to pass the time on the ship, or just a simple distributor of coffee, which would ensure greater credibility and completeness of the experience, without altering the dynamics. However, Objects in Space are not lacking in appeal, has potential in quantity, a price commensurate with, and with the opening of the modding may take the streets amazing.

System requirements PCConfigurazione Test- Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
– Processor: Ryzen 7 2700X
– Memory: 16 GB
– Video card: GeForce RTX 2080

Minimum requirements- Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit
– Processor: Intel Core-i5 64-bit
– Memory: 2 GB
– Video card: compatible with DirectX 10.1 2GB

Recommended requirements- Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
– Processor: Intel Core-i7 64-bit
– Memory: 4 GB
– Video card: compatible with DirectX 10.1 2GB