No Man’s Sky, the second life of a game out of the ordinary

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No Man’s Sky has always been a title out of the ordinary, but support post-launch, provided by Hello Games makes the original space simulator is still far from fashions and trends, projecting them into a world of its own, which seems not caring about her case of the rules of the market.

The announcement of the upgrade Beyond, defined by the team as “the most ambitious ever,” will introduce in the game a new multiplayer mode that will try to revive that type of content and its social value. Will do it on the free way and is consistent with the choice not to include microtransactions.

No Man S Sky Monument

Then we talk about a new, full-bodied update after Next, which already has enriched and in many ways revolutionized the package arrived originally in the shops, first on PlayStation 4 and PC, and later on the Xbox One.

A debut, No Man’s Sky, which had aroused great perplexity, probably because of promises that it was really difficult to maintain, especially for a development team of small dimensions, that was previously occupied production much less complex (see Joe Danger).

No Mans Sky Next 06

In spite of everything, however, at that launch problematic, which collected reviews constrastanti and sparked major controversy on Steam, has been remedied in the race thanks to the will and the passion of Sean Murray and his collaborators, which have improved and enriched the game experience while not being bound to do so.

No Man’s Sky is not, in fact, a game as a service, as said, does not include micro-transactions and revenues related to it are therefore based only on traditional sales. Edit, optimize, make more dense the game and add new features as it goes, in short, seen as an exercise in pure and simple prestige by Hello Games.

No Man's Sky, la seconda vita di un gioco fuori dal comune

An act of love to fans new and old to be part of the English studio, maybe even a way to say goodbye, while it takes the form of the next project of Murray and associates, The Last Campfire, which promises to be an experience far less ambitious.

Until the next trip into space, is clear.


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