Windjammers 2 : 1 trailer gameplay is here, it is both old school and modern

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Absent of the sons of actu since August 2018, Windjammers 2 just to make an exit noticed following the publication of the first trailer of gameplay of the game. A video released by the French publisher DotEmu, who has decided to show the least possible, since it was right at 36 seconds of footage and not one more. The opportunity to see some of the skits, colorful, revealing some of the characters that we will be able to control in order to achieve the most beautiful gestures to mark a maximum of points.

If he’s going to have to see more to better understand this result, we can already see that the developers have kept the legacy of the game NeoGeo for the feelings of the first episode remain intact. Of course, it is in term of graphics and scene this Windjammers is modernised, with the focus on the characters when they fire their super attacks. We still don’t know what Windjammers 2 will happen, but for the time being, know that just the PC and the Nintendo Switch are covered.


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