The Division 2 DLC, Pass Year 1 and content post-launch, all the details

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In the days previous to the launch of the game, Ubisoft has finally clarified some details regarding the support post-launch of The Division 2, the sequel to the action in the third person, completely devoted to the multiplayer, which is preparing to arrive on the market on march 15. The presence of a Pass in Year 1 , the options in the purchase had, in fact, generated some misunderstanding seen that on several occasions the publisher of the French had confirmed that all the additional content would be free at least for the first year. Now we finally know what awaits us in the 12 months following the release of the game and, most importantly, what gets in the most those who decide to spend the money on the Pass 1 Year.

The news for the endgameLet’s start from the most imminent: the release of the game, you probably already have in the first few weeks after the launch, Ubisoft will introduce the two fundamental content for theendgame. This is the Tidal Basin, the fortress of the Black Tusk and Operation Dark Hours, the first raid. The Washington of The Division 2 is put to fire and sword by the three factions with which the player will have to face during the phase of leveling. Each will have its stronghold, its headquarters that will be probably the most difficult and advanced to face, the one that will give you access to the loot better. The Black Tusk are the fourth faction, the one that we are going to add, once you reach the level cap set at 30, and that, in fact, will change in a consistent way the missions and the activities already carried out, so as to provide a greater replay value of the content dealt with during the growth of your character. Tidal Basin will be the fortress of this fourth faction is probably the most difficult one among all and it is expected that we will see appear in the game shortly after launch. The same applies to Operation Dark Hours: considered that one of the main criticisms of the first The Division was the inadequacy of his endgame, and then the poor quality of his first raid, it seems obvious that Massive will do everything to add this content endgame to return and likely will represent the most rich in loot that the players will face once you reach the level cap. On the other hand it is a challenge that will require a team consisting of 8 players and we are very curious to see how this gathering will be organized considering that The Division 2 support team by four players maximum.

The Division 2 Campagna Pve 9

The additional episodesAfter this first batch of content, Ubisoft will release every 3-4 months, and three additional episodes definitely full-bodied that represent a sort of expansion of the base game. In the summer it will be DC: the outskirts: Expedition, the first episode of the official that will see us explore the area surrounding Washington, d.c., to carry out two main missions are new. The add-on will also contain a new game mode that will see us put together a shipment of players to move around in search of a convoy which lost the tracks.

For the second episode we will have to wait for the autumn, but, once released, will allow us to explore the Pentagon, one of the most representative buildings of the us military. In the Pentagon: The Last Castle will have to deal with another story arc unpublished composed of a few main missions and a new game mode where we have to assault with the utmost rapidity the Pentagon to find out what lurks in its rooms, which is one of the most mysterious and collect so the best kept secrets in the world.

The Division 2 Campagna Pve 3

To close the triptych of the DLC, there will be an episode that will arrive by the end of 2019, currently still lacks an official title. The only thing we know is that it will offer, of course some of the missions full of the plot and probably will close the entire narrative arc of The Division 2 setting the stage for the second year in a content which, inevitably, Massive and Ubisoft will announce at the beginning of 2020.

But it still is not finished: during the release of these three episodes, Ubisoft will unlock three specializations unpublished that will add to the three already provided for in the basic game, and which represent the maximum personalization that will have access to the player. These three specializations are unpublished are still completely shrouded in mystery but we can expect for each a weapon of representation, some specific variants of the skill, grenade, and equipment peculiar. Probably each episode will bring with it a single specialization, which must be unlocked by spending credits in the game or carrying out a repetition of certain activities.

Pass Year 1All of the content that we have described will be available free of charge for all owners of The 2nd Division, but who will also have the pass will first play the three additional episodes a week in advance of their expected release, and will also have instant access to every specialization as soon as it will be added. Must not that is, release it in a way that it has not yet been defined. And this could mean hours and hours of grinding less, or maybe some credit in your pocket. But that’s not all. Pass holders will also have a handful of exclusive content: eight assignments unpublished – of the very short quests that reveal some backstory of the spread of the virus in Washington d.c., one size additional each week and a new project in a day or more. Up to march 2020.

For the second year in The Division 2 do not know what will happen but probably a bit’ as happened with the other titles on Ubisoft, the purchase of the new, the inevitable pass, and will again early access, or strongly benefited from the additional content while all players with the base game will probably need to perform grinding of the wild, or in the expenditure of credits in the game to unlock the new. I honestly doubt that Massive and Ubisoft block the next content of the game behind some paywall, forcing players to pay to continue to advance in The Division 2: the division of the user is bad for this kind of securities and continue to stimulate the player to play all days, all weeks, is always good, even if they are limited to buy only the base game.

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You have already begun to play The Division 2? And do you like it? Please let us know in the comments and come back with constance on why we will continue to talk about the game still very long.


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