The Dawn of Man, the review

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Dawn of Man that you are reading the review follows the path of the great management to the urban theme, typical of the world PC, by focusing on a particular period of human history, i.e. prehistory. Don’t expect to take in hand a civilization is to bring it up to the conquest of space, and do not expect even to get to handle who knows what technologies. Here we stop very first and the most of what can get to get is a well organized village, made of stone huts with roofs of thatch and wood, inhabited by men capable of cultivating the fields, and sacrificing animals to the gods.

Dawn Of Man 14

GameplayDawn of Man begins with the selection of the territory in which give rise to our village. The choice is not only aesthetic, but also determines the level of difficulty of the match: most of the territory chosen is rich in resources, the easier it will be to progress and grow our village. The resources taken into account are the rivers for fishing, forests for wood and game, and the mountainous areas to the rocks and other raw materials. As in all titles of this genre the objective to be pursued is essentially one of development. At the beginning you have few inhabitants and infrastructure is fragile and easily perishable. The first thing to do is to observe the territory and to define the activities of the village. In general, theinterface offers two possibilities of intervention for each job: direct selection, or positioning of work areas. In the first case, you need to select the resource and ask for it to be collected, while in the second you create an area in which our little prehistoric take place automatically, the activities prescribed, by automating the process.

The whole system of obtaining resources and raw materials works in the same way throughout the game, with the only discriminating in the availability of useful tools to get those advanced. For example for felling trees must first have discovered and created acceptable, while to dig the rocks must have picks. In terms of purely technological progression offered by Dawn of Man is purely logical and entirely handled by the player: each achievement fruit of the points of progress that have accumulated in the right amount, can be spent to unlock new technologies. For example, at the beginning our men have wooden weapons are very weak, only useful to hunt small animals, and practically harmless, but with the progress of the game, the discovery of new tools to collect and work with best quality raw materials you can make weapons more durable and effective with which to attack animals stronger and more dangerous, type of the mammoth, that earn a lot more in terms of food and resources (bone, skin, and so on). The improvement of the equipment also allows you to reach the most remote areas of the huge maps, where, obviously, there are other resources.

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With the passing of the hours, the economy of our village has evolved from the mere exploitation of the territory surrounding our men succeeded in developing agriculture, herding, manufacturing, and all those activities that are characteristic of prehistoric civilizations. The same happens for other aspects of society, such as religion. Our men have gone from worshiping a stick with a skull planted on top to develop a religion that is more complex, focused on structures of stone in the style of Stonehenge, built using boulders dragged through a system of sledges.

EasyIn terms of strictly simulation, the Dawn of Man does an excellent job in making the difficulties faced by the first humans to survive. At the beginning it is necessary to deal especially with the predators, hunger, and fatigue, but with the passing of the hours come to light new difficulties, such as groups of raiders who want to raid the village. Unfortunately it is the military side , one of the most debolu Dawn of Man. Basically deal with the raiders is reduced to give the alarm, to bring together all the inhabitants available for the defense of facilities and resources.

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Sure, you can build fences, watch towers, and you can teach dogs to have a first line of defense, but in general the assaults are managed as individual events to overcome and not as a structural problem against which to organize. The defect emerges, especially on the long distance, when it remains substantially without nothing to do. The lack of goals in the long term is another of the defects of the Dawn of Man. Sure, it’s a city builder, and then one of the pleasures the main is to build and expand our village. Unfortunately, the period represented has clear limits in terms of the variety and possibility of evolution, and in a few hours you can build everything buildable. Incidentally: the dwellings are few, and in advanced stages if it builds only one type, while the buildings are a handful, as well as religious ones. Let’s say that the Dawn of Man is exhausted in about ten hours, with the different maps, which increase only slightly the level of challenge, without, however, to vary the progression.

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Sure, the formula is the most pleasure, and everything will replay it with pleasure, but in the long run becomes an end in itself, which always flows in the same way, and does not offer even the aesthetic taste of the majesty, typical of the genre. Besides, Dawn of Man is really not easy. Explain: at the beginning seems to offer a good level of challenge, but as soon as we enter into the heart of the development, the gameplay becomes literally a walk. There are some interesting events, such as outbreaks of pasture or climatic changes, but there is never anything that put at risk the job done… also because the game system tends to automate everything, with our friends in the prehistoric, that are very efficient in pulling out of the crisis virtually alone in almost all situations. The hope is that with future updates to be added to the events and dangers, but for now the game is this here and not there is nothing we can do.


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