Even if some analysts still believe that the rise in the stock of Take-Two Interactive was anything but innocuous, Sony Interactive Entertainment has been taken to bring to an end the big rumor that shakes the web for over 48 hours now. In fact, the manufacturer stated that it had no intention to buy the parent company of Rockstar Games, and, therefore, to ensure the exclusivity of licenses such as NBA 2K, GTA, or Red Dead Redemption. Remarks reported by VentureBeat and Yuji Nakamura (journalist at Bloomberg), and thus confirm the words of Joel Kulina (an analyst at Wedbush Securities).

Yesterday, he had explained that the noises of the corridor were based on “financial speculations not confirmed”, and that he did not understand why his name was associated with this case immediately relayed by the journalists Sue Chang and Chris Matthews. “The title [Take Two Interactive] began to take the value to the point of being at the head of the S&P 500, says Chris Matthews. I simply sought to understand the reasons of this sudden rise.” End of the story ? It looks like, even if the current context shows that anything can happen, even to the reconciliations improbable.