Phoenix Point exclusively on the Epic Games Store: the creator of XCOM defends the choice

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Julian Gollop, head of the interesting strategic Phenoix Point, has defended the choice to make his new title exclusive to the Epic Games Store for the duration of the year. In a recent Reddit AMA organized together with colleague, David Kaye, the father of XCOM has observed that the game can be enjoyed without having to use the boot program Epic.

“You can uninstall it after downloading and updating, and the game will work properly. It is even possible to add it manually to your Steam library,” explains the developer. “All backers will receive at least three downloadable packages during the year. If you want to play only on Steam/, you will get a key for Steam/GOG, after which year the exclusive will be terminated, including all of the DLC”.

Gollop said he’s not astonished at the complaints part of the public, but has ensured that the decision to make Phoenix Point an exclusive time on the Epic Games Store was not taken lightly and involves a series of benefits for the same production.

“We have enough resources to release the game, but the agreement with Epic will help us enormously in terms of quality and content post launch,” he continued. “It serves to give security to our employees and gives them the confidence to get the job done despite the stress and high expectations”.

Developers, however, provide a full refund to those who want it, although recently doubts have been raised regarding the chosen platform, or the website Transferwise. Kaye explained that the crowdfunding campaign on Fig is finished two years ago, so you no longer can do this with the original method.

“After long research and test on various methods (including Paypal), this according to us is the most efficient way to process a significant number of refunds for the people coming from various Countries around the world. They have a rating of 9.2 with Trustguard, and we also us to transfer money, and pay the salaries of the study each month.”


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